Films for the Pobieda cinema

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films for the Pobieda cinema

Mariupol was a very cinematic city. You could film anything here: the first Soviet film with an erotic scene; grant-funded videos about Mariupol’s present successes and future potential; a Russian series about anti-government protests; pornographic horror films. The city had enough life-giving narratives for everyone. We shot two more films about our beloved city and will definitely show them in liberated Mariupol, on Myru (“Peace”) Avenue where the Peremoha/Pobieda (“Victory”) cinema is located.

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My favorite job, 2022

director Sashko Protyah, 3D generalist – Vova Morrow

In the spring of 2022, the Ukrainian city of Mariupol was surrounded by Russian troops. They were using the weapons of mass destruction against the civilian population every day. In mid-March volunteers started evacuating people from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia. They gathered after each trip to exchange the information, support each other, and talk about their traumatic experiences.

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director Sashko Protyah, drawings – Natasha Tzeliuba

People of Mariupol talk about looting in shops during the siege and capture of the city by russian troops in March 2022.